Starr Computers launches Business Centre: “Technology in Business, transforms businesses”


Starr Computers today launched its business centre on the second floor of its 59 Brickdam, Stabroek location, aiming to provide start-up businesses-small to medium and corporate entities with Information Technology solutions.



President of Starr, Mike Mohan said “that business(es) cannot afford to operate the way they did ten years ago.” He believes that “it is businesses that adapt to technology that will be more productve, efficient and provide better customer services. Technology in business, transforms businesses.”


According to Mr. Mohan companies in Guyana are not realising their potentials since they are utilising traditional methods of operations.



An exciting new product demonstrated at the launch was a video doorbell buzz for entrances to buildings, offices or homes. All that is required is the press of the button and this alert rings the cell phone with a live video feed.


The Touch Screen POS Solutions, Portable printers, Portable Point of Sale equipment, Biometric systems among others.



General manager, Rehman Majeed said he has seen heightened demand by local companies seeking advice to enhance their current POS systems in order to respond more effectively to customers’ needs.

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