Cabinet granted ‘no objection’ to several contracts


During its Tuesday, July 12, 2016 meeting, Cabinet granted no objection to several contracts in the health and public infrastructure.

These contracts were outlined by Minister of State and Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Harmon during a Press Conference on Thursday.



For The Rehabilitation Of The Ituni/Kwakwani Road, Region #10


Lot #1 – Ituni Road




Lot #2 – Kwakwani Road











Mekdeci Machinery &

Construction Inc.



Rim Construction Inc.

For the rehabilitation of the Linden/Lethem


Lot #1 – From Zero Mile –Linden To 65 Miles Mabura Road, Region #10


Lot #2 – From Kurupukari to Awnai, Region #9


Lot #3 – From Awnai to Lethem – Region #9







G$M 28,800,000

Rim Construction Inc.



Ivor Allen


J.R. Ranch

For the extension of Distribution Mains And Installation of Service Connections at Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, Region #6


G$M 37,414,630 Mascood Ahmad
For the supply and delivery of earth moving equipment for the East Demerara Water Conservancy.


Lot #1 – Long and Short reach Excavators



Lot #3 – Pontoons and mud bins







G$M 199,500,000



G$M 212,423,619






Farm Supplies Limited



Guyana National Industrial Company Inc.

For the construction of doctors’ accommodation at Port-Kaituma –Region #1


G$M 58,340,607 Jr Edmondson Building Works
To upgrade and rehabilitate the Secretariat of the Mental Health Institution, Quamina Street, Georgetown



G$M 15,044,044



Simcon Engineering Co.

For the procurement of Wind Measuring Equipment For The Hinterland Electrification Company Inc, Ministry of Public Infrastructure


Euros 95,000 Net GmbH of Germany
For variation works for the docking and rehabilitation of the Mv. Kimbia, Transport And Harbours Department


G$M 12,061,746 Guyana National Industrial Company Inc.


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