Sixteen year old allegedly murders stepfather


A 70-year-old man was this morning killed by his sixteen-year-old stepson at the Crane Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara.


When the News Room visited the community today, residents who spoke to us indicated that the sixteen-year-old and his stepfather, Euscaue Williams never shared a healthy relationship.

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They noted that that relationship escalated this morning and eventually led to the death of the man.


One neighbour related that “What we know about the stepfather and the guy is that like they didn’t had a good relationship. The mom; like she is in Cayenne and would come for a 2-3 days and would go back.”


She added that the teenager who she described as brilliant recently wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examinations and is awaiting his results. However, the woman said the young man is usually engaged in smoking with friends.


After allegedly committing the act, the teenager proceeded to hide in a clump of bushes in the village. He was subsequently captured by residents and is presently hospitalised under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital.


Persons were only alerted to the presence of the dead man in the house after another neighbour came home and observed blood stains in the house which the sixteen year old sometimes shared with his stepfather.


The neighbour recounted that “we have about two houses away, where the men are working on a house and the owner of the house came over saying ‘oh gosh, oh gosh, where is the nearest police station?’…I called my mom who live up the road because she’s an ex police sergeant and she give me the Vreed-en-hoop police station and they said they’re sending someone. Nobody wanted to go in so my husband go in, and let somebody come with him. He search around the house and all the doors were locked…he break open the door and he saw the trail of blood and the gruesome discovery of the man. Then he came out and say ‘oh gosh, this man dead.”


She added that the entire village subsequently came out to search the village and the teenager was discovered by another young man who picked him up and handed him over to the police officers who had gotten to the scene by that time.


It would be the third such disorderly murder to have occurred in the community within the last two months.


She said that the sixteen year old literally fends for himself as he has no relatives here.


News Room understands that the teenager does not really be at the house because the stepfather continuously tells him that he is not wanted there.


Another man said that he had taken the young man into his home after he realised that the stepfather indicated that he does not want him at the house, however after the young man continually lies to him, he asked him to leave.


The police are continuing their investigations into the matter.

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