Gravity Lounge dares to change the “rave game” this weekend with headphones party


Almost everyone enjoys the music blasting to the maximum when it’s time to rave. We have gotten so accustomed to this type of setting in the club that for now, it may seem like there just isn’t any other way to get things “turned up” in the club.


But like everything, there are pluses and minuses.


I’m sure there have been times when you’ve been to the club, unexpectedly bump into someone and you desire to start up a conversation. But it just looks and feels wrong pelting your voice over those charged up boom boxes.


And who could forget the times when you’re at the club and the DJ for the night is just killing your vibe with all the wrong selections.

quiet clubbing 2

But what if you could actually control the music and the conversation at a nightclub? Well, come this Saturday, it is no longer going to be a question of “What if” because Navin Singh, the General Manager of the ultra sleek and sophisticated Gravity Lounge is gearing to launch the next big thing in our entertainment landscape—The “Silent” Raving Party.


A “Silent” Disco allows promoters and event coordinators to offer events where patrons have the ability to listen to up to three audio sources/DJ talents at a time via headphones with no noise ordinance complaints.


With patrons wearing wireless, radio transmitting, high definition headphones, there is a unique experience created where everyone is hearing the same quality music no matter where you are located in the venue.


As such, the Gravity Lounge will be pulsating with energy and non-stop power this Saturday in a different way. Singh explained that patrons will be given headphones upon entrance which would allow them to choose from music being played by three extremely talented DJs one of which will include Bunji Garlin’s DJ.


It goes without saying that this is event will place a different kind of pressure on the DJs who will be able to see just how many patrons are tuned into their stations. I rather suspect that it is going to be a battle for the attention of the revelers among the DJs but there can be no complaints in this regard as it would only serve to increase the standard of the entertainment for the night.


The “Silent” Parties have been around since 2000 and have already taken off in places like Philadelphia, NYC, Atlantic City NJ, Miami, Detroit, and Milwaukee.


Gravity Lounge certainly deserves much praise for pioneering this concept within our shores.


For those who will be attending, be sure to pause for a minute, take your headphones off and observe the crowd. You’ll get a kick out of hearing what the dance floor sounds and looks like without music.


P.S: Early bird tickets are available at Gravity and Electronic City

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