Black Bush triple murder- Wife’s ex-lover in custody


By Malisa Playter Harry

As investigations into the triple murder which occurred at Kookrit Creek, savannah, Black Bush Polder, investigators attached to ‘B’ Division have concluded that seven persons in custody played a part in the senseless killing of the teenager and the two men, however, they are yet to determine who pulled the trigger.

Commander DSP Taylor

Ranks of ‘B’ Division during a meeting with relatives of the deceased

Divisional Commander, Ian Amsterdam during a press briefing  on Monday, outlined that investigators have been following some leads that may eventually crack the case sooner than expected.


“We are learning that a number of persons played some role, not the actual killing, however, ” the Commander said. However, he indicated that there are no actual suspects as it relates to who would have pulled the trigger.

Naresh Rooplall, Jaikarran Chandradai and Pawan Chandradai
Naresh Rooplall, Jaikarran Chandradai and Pawan Chandradai

The bodies of 33-year-old Naresh Rooplall, 37-year-old Pawan Chandradai aka Suresh and his 15-year-old son, Jaikarran Chandradai aka Kevin were discovered on Friday morning, each bearing one gunshot wound.


Investigations have revealed that one person in custody; a man who works with the owner of the land where the bodies were found; who goes by the name of ‘Francis’ previously shared a relationship with Pawan Chandradai’s wife.


News Room understands that ‘Francis’ works on the land and lives at the camp located a short distance from where the bodies were discovered. It was also revealed that ‘Francis’ is the person who invited the trio to go fishing.


The Commander also said, “so I don’t know if he would have lured them to the point there and knowing that Mr. King don’t like anybody in his rice field catching fish, he could have called him.”


“He apparently was with them a certain point, he was with them and he is saying that he left them due to the mosquitoes and went somewhere out to the Koker” he added. He noted that investigators are hoping that ‘Francis’ can provide more information on what took place on Friday.


Meanwhile, a Post-Mortem that was conducted on Monday revealed that 15-year-old Jaikarran Chandradai and Naresh Rooplall both died of shock and haemorrhage due to a gunshot wound whilst Pawan Chandradai died of a fractured skull, lacerations to the brain and shock and haemorrhage.


The weapon used to commit the murder has not yet been recovered. The Commander stated that all persons in custody were swabbed for gunpowder residue.


Investigations reveal that none of the persons in custody are licensed firearm holders.


The funeral for Jaikarran Chandradai, Pawan Chandradai and Naresh Rooplall is expected to take place on Wednesday 27th July 2016.

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