Bandits threaten to kill 4-year-old during early morning robbery


The police in ‘B’ Division are currently hunting for two men who attacked and robbed a young couple earlier today (Saturday July 30, 2016) at Gangaram Settlement, East Canje, Berbice.


News Room understands that at about 2:30 hours, the two men gained entry to the couple’s home by breaking a window.


According to Yadram Doorsammy who lives with his wife and four-year-old daughter, the couple was in bed when they heard an unusual noise in the hallway of their one-flat home. He said that upon checking, he and his wife were confronted by two masked men: one armed with a shotgun and the other with a cutlass.


“Them man bruk the window and come in the house and ask we for where the money deh and the gold” Doorsammy said.


The man said he told the intruders that he had no money and gold. One of the bandits then grabbed his daughter and pointed his gun to her head demanding that the couple hand over their cash and jewellery.


“We give them what we had and they escape on bicycle” Doorsammy related.


Following the ordeal which last for almost ten minutes, the police were called in but the Neighbour Policing Group responded while the police arrived minutes later.


According to a police source, no one has been arrested in connection with robbery; however, detectives were able to obtain fingerprints from the scene.


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