CJIA Automated Airlines Check-in services down- Several Cub Scouts stranded


By Leroy Smith

Dozens if cub scouts are among several persons stranded at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) since 2 am on Monday after their flight which was scheduled to leave Guyana earlier in the day was cancelled.


There are conflicting reports on the reason for the flight’s delay. Some reports suggest that the delay had to do with bad weather while others suggest that there was an issue with the airline.


The scouts were allegedly scheduled to depart on Insel air.


One person at the airport indicated that the scouts were boarding the plane this morning at approximately 6, but had to deplane after information came that the weather was “too bad” at the plane’s destination.


News Room’s Leroy Smith who is at the airport observed that the children ages 7-11 have all cleared customs and are sitting and laying around in the departure area of the airport.


A statement issued by the CJIA Corporation a few minutes ago said the delays are as a result of its Automated Airlines Check-in services being down.


“The recent damage to the Americas 11 cable, a high-speed internet service to the airlines’ servers, has affected the linkage between airlines’ check-in application hosts and the check-in counters at CJIA. The disruption has resulted in passengers being processed manually” the airport said.


However, some airlines are experiencing cancellations due to crew rotation and other operational issues during this peak season, the statement added.


According to reports, airlines affected include Dynamic Airways, Insel Air, Caribbean Airlines and Eastern Air.


It advised that efforts are being made to restore the services as soon as possible.

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