‘B’ Division launches skills training programme for youths in Region six


Apart from solving crimes in the country the Guyana Police Force is also tasked with getting involved in community development projects in each region.

From Left; Deputy Commander, Commander of B Division, Ian  Amsterdam and Technical Director of BID, Richard Maugh
From Left; Deputy Commander, Commander of B Division, Ian Amsterdam and Technical Director of BID, Richard Maugh

It is against this backdrop that the police in ‘B’ Division have collaborated with the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) to launch a four to six months skills training programme for youths in region six. This is to ensure that they are provided with the necessary skills needed to acquire a job or to open their own businesses.


The programme caters for 60 participants from as young as fifteen years old who will be trained in the areas of Garment construction, block making, radio and electrical servicing, information technology, catering and cake decoration, heavy duty equipment operator and mechanic.


This initiative aims to bring the Police and communities together and also provide something for youths to do instead of getting involved in illegal activities.


Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam said “when we look at what’s going on with the youths we know if we find something for them to do then we can prevent them from getting into a life of crime.”


He stated that “this is just the beginning, we are assured that if we can submit out budget for 2017 and we can get it approve then we can expand the programme.”


The entire programme will be funded and facilitated by the Board of Industrial Training.


Technical director of the board, Richard Maugh urged the participants to take the programme seriously to be able to seek better employment.


The programme was launched at the Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission at Port Mourant  on Wednesday, August 03,2016.


Additionally, the Guyana Police Force in a statement on Wednesday disclosed that similar initiatives are being undertaken in other divisions.


It noted that on Friday 28th August 2016, there will be the Closing Ceremony for a summer programme which was held at the Bartica and Agatash Community Centers and attracted in excess of one hundred and twenty youths from Bartica and other nearby villages.


The youths were engaged in learning life skills such as the production of art and craft and floral arrangements and they were exposed to many interactive sessions where they were given moral boosting pep talks on maintaining healthy lifestyles and National Symbols and Songs. They were encouraged to be positive role models and to use their energies in a positive and productive manner.

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