New Deadline set for Kitty market completion- M&CC still collecting stall rentals


A new deadline is set for the completion of the once dilapidated Kitty Market which should have been completed months ago.


Despite vendors being moved from the Kitty Market structure to facilitate rehabilitation works and are currently located along the pavement on Alexander street, Kitty, the City Council is still collecting a monthly stall rental.


During a visit to the location today, one vendor who spoke to News Room stated that all he wants is for the market to be completed because City Hall is still collecting a monthly stall rental.


He noted that his business has also “slowed down” since he was forced to relocate.


According to a press statement on Wednesday from City Hall completion was delayed due to limited funds and materials. It was noted that some $110M was spent so far in repairs.


With the new three-month construction deadline, it is hoped that existing stallholders would be given first preference in that facility to continue their trade.


Carlyle Goring who is the Councillor representing the Kitty/Subryanville area told the News Room that the Council is well aware of the struggles of the vendors.


“When the construction of the Kitty market started it was the hope of City Hall to have it completed in time for the Jubilee celebrations which was last May” Goring said.


In order to have the entire facility up and ready it will cost the Council an estimated $240M.

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