Racism is a product of non-cohesive education system- President


President David Granger is hoping to build a more cohesive society through education. He spoke of his desire to see this milestone met on this week’s edition of the Public Interest.


President Granger said a more coherent narrative on Guyana’s history is needed and this could be delivered through the education system.


“One of the weaknesses in our education system is there is no single narrative about Guyanese history so people go off believing a lot of myths and legends…so they only know things which are being told to them at home…and it is only when we go into the wider society that they discover that some of the things that they’re being told at home are untrue” the President said.


He noted that “ethnicity is not a basis for hatred and it is something that is to be regarded as natural and normal” and as such the government is trying to put in the education system, a more cohesive narrative.


It was against the backdrop of social cohesion that the President was asked to comment the recent overseas remarks made by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo that included that him saying there is an attack on indo-Guyanese.


The President believes that any comments of this nature could lead to ethnic extremism and this is not the goal of the administration.

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