Teen dies in ‘freak’ shooting incident


By Royan Abrams

The police in Berbice are investigating a shooting incident which occurred on Thursday evening resulting in the death of a 17-year-old lad.


Handel Daniels of Caracas Village, West Canje Berbice was allegedly making his way down a step at about 18:30 hours on Thursday when the step collapsed, causing the firearm to discharge a round which hit him.


According to information received, the teen who is a farmer was picked up by an unknown individual and handed over to a neighbourhood police officer.


However, Commander of ‘B, Division, Ian Amsterdam disclosed that the firearm has not been recovered.


Daniels was taken to the Baracara Health Centre where he was treated by a medic. However, he was transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital and apparently succumbed to his injuries on the way there since he was pronounced dead on arrival at the Hospital.


Although it is not clear as to why the teen was in possession of a firearm and whether it was a licensed,  the Commander disclosed that a team of investigators have be dispatched to the area to conduct investigations.

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