Another Suicide rocks Berbice


By Malisa Playter Harry


Berbice is once again placed in the spotlight after another teen commits suicide at her home at No 2 Village East Canje Berbice.


Dead is 16-year-old Alliea Khandai who ingested a poisonous substance at her home on Friday afternoon.


News Room during a visit to the home spoke to Alliea’s Grandfather, Tommy Khandai with whom the young lady resided along with her Grandmother.


Mr. Khandai related that he noticed his granddaughter vomiting profusely in the back yard, when he returned from work at approximately 17:30 hrs on Friday. He said he quickly alerted his wife and other relatives who subsequently rushed her to the New Amsterdam hospital.

The house where Alliea resided with her grandparents
The house where Alliea resided with her grandparents

It was then that they learnt that the 16-year-old had ingested a poisonous substance. She subsequently succumbed at the Hospital.


It is believed that an argument with a young man with whom she shared a relationship, may have led her to commit suicide.


Mr. Khandai related that the girl shared a relationship with a young man by the name of “Dave”.


He explained that the young recently asked for Alleia’s hand in marriage to which she agreed. He noted that there were plans to have the two married when the young man’s mother who is currently in Trinidad returns home. However, Khandai said the couple did not wait on the ceremony but took it upon themselves to move in together.


“They lived together for a few weeks and they ended up having a misunderstanding with the boy’s father. The boy then take her to her next grandmother who lives in Angoy’s Avenue” he noted.


He stated that himself and his wife ventured to Angoy’s Avenue and brought home Alliea but shortly after returning home, “Dave” began visiting the 16-year-old again and eventually they struck up back a relationship.


The man said it was after a second argument between the young couple on Friday that he believed his granddaughter decided to commit suicide.


Meanwhile, according to reports reaching News Room another teen, aged 15 allegedly ingested a poisonous substance a few days ago in the same village. She is currently a patient in the Intensive Care Unit at the New Amsterdam Hospital.


Over the past few months Berbice has recorded several suicide cases with NGO’S and other organizations spearheading Suicide walks and counseling sessions with the aim of curbing the issue.


Please share this with anyone you know who is thinking of committing suicide;

The Guyana Inter-agency Suicide Helpline operates 24 hours, and is organised by the Guyana Police Force. Telephone -223-0001, 223-0009, 223-0818 Cellphone – 600-7896, 623-4444


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