QC student tops CAPE


Copping first place at this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) is Queen’s College Deenauth Mohabeer with six grade ones and one grade two.


During a Press Conference at the Ministry of Education today, it was announced that several persons achieved six grade ones, among which is Bishop’s High Carissa Kissoon and Ashley Anthony, Joash Gobin, Larissa Wiltshire and Shannon Woodroffe of Queens College.


898 candidates wrote CAPE in 2016. The overall pass rate is 86.74 which is a marginal decrease from 2015 where a pass rate of 87.54% was attained. However, an increase was noted in the number of candidates securing Grades I and II passes.


The gender distribution of the overall pass rate is 33.4% males and 66.6% females.


Candidates obtained a 100% pass rate in 20 units, 75% and above in 30 Units and a pass rate of 50% or higher (but below 75%) in four units.


The pass rate for Electrical & Electronic Technology Unit 1 and Unit 2 was below 50%.


Integrated Mathematics and Logistics and Supply Chain Operations were written for the first time in 2016. Logistics and Supply Chain Operations secured 100% pass rate while 52.51% pass rate was recorded for Integrated Mathematics.


Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies continue to record and over 95% pass rate while Pure Mathematics Unit 1 moved from 54.98% in 2015 to 63.33% in 2016.


Other outstanding performers are Steffan Ageda of Bishops’ High school with four grade ones and two grade twos, Nandani Ramdass and Malena Ramdeo with five grade ones.

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