Sod turned for construction of health post at Kurutuku in Region 7


The sod was turned yesterday for the construction of a new health post in the remote village of Kurutuku in Region 7 (Cuyuni/Mazaruni).


The new Health post is expected to benefit some 100 persons who reside in the village, as well as those in neighbouring villages. Construction should  commence within the next few days, since according to the Public Health Ministry, the materials have already been procured and the contractor is on site.


The new building will measure 25 by 50 feet and will accommodate the Health Post as well as living quarters.


Subject minister, Dr. George Norton pointed out that the village is a far distance from Bartica, which has the nearest hospital, as well as the nearest Airstrip at Eteringbang.


According to him, it is expected that basic deliveries will be done at the new Health Post, which would also provide pre and post- natal care and other inpatient services, particularly for those who may contract Malaria.


Currently, there is one Community Health Worker (CHW) in the village, and Dr. Norton expressed hope that in the very near future, the ministry will be able to have a Medex or even a trained midwife at the Health Post.


He informed that his officers have already taken the names of two persons from the village who are interested in pursuing studies to become Community Health Workers and he hopes to have them on board soon.


Minister Norton said that the plan is to ensure that regular visits are made to the village, to ensure that the contractual obligations are met.


He  was accompanied on his visit by Region 7 Engineer, Adrian Ragoobeer, as well as other officers from the ministry, including Director of Regional Health Services, Dr. Kay Shako and Director of Vector Control Services, Dr. Horace Cox.


Treated mosquito nets and  medication were handed over to the residents by Minister Norton, along with a quantity of clothing which was donated by Food for the Poor.


While in the region, the subject Minister and his team also took the opportunity to visit the site where the Eteringbang Health post is being refurbished. The building is expected to be completed by mid – September.



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