$6M allegedly missing from dead pensioner’s home


By Leroy Smith

The person or persons who invaded the home of 76-year-old David Ramkissoon might have been searching for a large sum of cash stashed in the house at the time.


The father of five was on Sunday evening found dead with his throat slit, at his Better Hope South, East Coast Demerara home.


It was after questioning relatives of the deceased that the News Room became aware that the pensioner’s family had approximately $6M stashed in some part of the house, however, this was allegedly only known by the man and his son.


News Room understands that the man’s son who was picked up on Sunday evening along with two other friends told the police that the cash was missing from the house.


During a conversation with Ramkissoon’s daughter-in-law, Nalini Ramkissoon on Tuesday, she noted that she was only made aware of the cash when her husband told the police, however she is still unaware of the exact sum of money and why it was being kept at the house.


The son was not at home at the time of the robbery and subsequent death of his father.


During an interview on Monday, the man’s daughter-in-law said the man’s body was discovered after they returned from a trip to the creek on Sunday evening.


She said the family left for the creek around 11hrs on Sunday and returned just after 19:00hrs.


The man’s son and two of his friends are still in police custody.


One of the friends accompanied the family on the trip to the creek while the other friend who was also supposed to be on the trip did not go as he reportedly claimed that the family was leaving a bit too late for the creek.


The police were today checking locations the man claimed he visited on Sunday, to see how credible his story is. The investigation into the matter are ongoing and a post-mortem is expected to be carried out on the remains on Wednesday.

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