GPSU to decide on proposed salary increase by next Friday


The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) says it will make a pronouncement on Government’s proposal of 1-10% increase in wages and salaries by Friday, September 2, 2016.


In a recent statement, the Union said the meeting of its General Council will convene no later than Friday, September 2, 2016, where it would arrive at a determination as to whether the government’s position met with the expectations of the Union’s members in the context of the mandate set by the negotiating team.


Following an agreement, the pronouncement will be communicated to the members, the Government of Guyana and the general public, the Union said.


The Government of Guyana and the GPSU on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, concluded discussions on Wages and Salaries for Public Servants within the Bargaining Unit for 2016.


The government has made a final offer of which it outlined as a 10% increase for persons earning below $99,000 per month, a 6% increase for persons earning $100,000 – $299,000 per month, 5% for those earning $300,000 – $499,000, 4% for persons earning $500,000 – $799,000, 2% for those earning $800,000 – $999,000 and a 1% increase for public servants earning above $1,000,000 per month.


The Union said this position was communicated following a standstill which lasted from August 12, 2016, when the Government rejected a proposal made by the Union.


Initial proposal made by the Union
Initial proposal made by the Union

“On Tuesday, August 23, 2016, the Union received an invitation from the leader of the government’s negotiating team, Mr. Reginald Brotherson, Permanent Secretary, Department of Public Service to meet on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. At that meeting, the Government’s negotiating team presented a documented offer increasing its base proposal from 6% to 10%. Afterwards, the Government’s negotiating team declared that to be its final offer” the Union’s statement said.


GPSU further disclosed that during the course of the negotiations, neither the issue of de-bunching nor allowances have been addressed, even remotely by the government’s delegation.


It also denied making an isolated proposal for a 25% increase for wage, salaries and allowances.


“During the initial period of the negotiations, the government’s negotiating team made two offers commencing at the base at 5.5%. They then increased that by .5% to 6%. The Union’s negotiating team rejected both proposals,” the Union said.


The Public Service Union added that it requested detailed information on several aspects of government’s revenue and expenditure which, “Up to this time these have not been provided.”

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