No room for rogue cops in the Guyana Police Force- David Ramnarine


Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine, who is performing the duties of Police Commissioner, on Saturday chastised members of the Guyana Police Force, whom he said are guilty of engaging in activities that have resulted in a divide between them and the communities they serve.


He told the ranks “and that is why so far this year some 27 or 28 of y’all have gone on the way side cause that’s the way forward, there are certain matters, whether you are charged criminally or departmentally …we are not going to waste taxpayers’ money to interdict you and put you on half pay …once you fall within a certain year period of service…out you go.”


Ramnarine warned that there would be a zero-tolerance approach to corrupt practices and harassment of citizens from members of the Guyana Police Force.


Unless a citizen breaks or flouts the law, the acting Police Commissioner said there should be no curbing of the liberties of the citizens, since this would amount to the officer being arbitral and tyrannical.


In an effort to ensure the public’s interest is protected, Ramnarine said ranks who are found engaging in wrongdoings would be immediately charged and dismissed reflecting on recent cases involving several police officers.


He reminded the officers that Guyana is a signatory to the United Nations Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement.


Ramnarine said the law would be enforced until officers get it right and the image of the Guyana Police Force is a true reflection of what Law Enforcement should be.

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