The determined Soyini Fraser is Miss Guyana Universe 2016


-Unveils her plans for improving country’s international image


Winning the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant has always been one of her dreams. And on Saturday last, 26-year-old  Soyini Ashanti Fraser outshined 13 competitive young women and was crowned Miss Guyana Universe 2016.

As the new queen , this sassy beauty ambassador has a number of things planned in order to improve Guyana’s international image and appeal.

But before she delved into her plans in this regard, Fraser opened up to the News Room about the kind of woman she is and the many factors that were instrumental in shaping her mindset today.

Fraser disclosed that she has spent most of her childhood days in the Southern part of Georgetown. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that she is a by heart, a “city girl.” She currently resides in Prashad Nagar.

The Television personality who holds an Advanced Diploma in Theology recalled that she had contested in the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant in 2014 but missed the crown at that time by a few points. But even though she missed it the first time around, it didn’t stop her from competing again. Thus proving that she really is the embodiment of a determined and fearless queen at heart.

“The stage has been my second home for many years and it has long been my dream to win the Miss Universe Guyana title, so I can represent my country at the international leg and put Guyana in the spotlight as I did at the Miss United Nations Pageant. When I saw another opportunity to capture the crown present itself I just could not let it pass.”

For the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant 2016, Fraser said that she was passionate about supporting the cause of advocating for the elderly with the main focus on “Enhancing the golden years of Elderly Guyanese citizens.”

In this regard, she shared, “My grandmother lives with my mother and I in the same house and I would look at her daily and think, ‘Does every elderly person have people to look out for them?’ And sadly the answer is no, so I decided that I should help bring awareness to their plight and in my own small way help curb the cycle of elderly neglect.”

As the new Queen, Fraser said that she intends to continue promoting her platform as it is a cause that is very close to her heart.

“I will ensure that Guyana’s image on the international stage is uplifted. I plan to do this by embracing all the naturally good qualities Guyana has and publicizing them so the world may fall in love with her the way I have so we can become a tourist destination, thus boosting the economy,” Fraser confidently asserted.

The Miss Guyana Universe Queen also shared that she believes that a lot needs to be done to improve Guyana’s international image. And as a respectable beauty ambassador, she intends to make meaningful contributions in this regard.

She said, “I would encourage all Guyanese to join me to focus and place significant emphasis on the positive attributes of Guyana. We have six beautiful races, an amazing rainforest and a rich cultural heritage that cannot be matched. As a Beauty Ambassador, I will strongly advocate for the uniting of the people. I believe this will help Guyanese build each other up and when we rise as a people Guyana will rise as a nation.”

All in all, this pageant veteran said that she was impressed with the organisation of the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant and expressed many thanks to the organisers and the franchise holder for the amazing job they did.

To date, Fraser said that her greatest accomplishment would have to be  correcting the misconceptions people have about Guyana while reigning as Miss United Nations and Miss Jamzone International respectively.

For aspiring Pageant delegates, Fraser advises , “Do not get caught up in other delegates’ drama – keep focused and mind your own pageant business!”

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