Black Bush triple murder; Suspects to appear in court on Sept, 22


By Malisa Playter Harry


The fourth suspect in the Black Bush Polder triple murder case will be appearing at the Whim Magistrates Court along with his accomplices on Thursday, September 22, 2016.


27-year-old Rakesh Karamchand known as ‘Go- To-Front’ from Sheet Anchor, Canje, Berbice was arrested at the weekend in the Backlands at Corentyne.

Rakesh Karamchand
Rakesh Karamchand

Karamchand appeared at the Mibicuri Magistrate Court on Tuesday along with previously charged 37-year-old Carlton Chaitram known as ‘Lyma’, his son, 17-year-old Jairam Chaitram and 26-year-old Tameshwar Jagmohan, known as ‘Guana’ of Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder. However, they were informed that the case was transferred to the Whim Magistrates’ Court by Magistrate Charlyn Artiga.

Carlton Chaitram, Jairam Chaitram and Tameshwar Jagmohan (in white shirts)
Carlton Chaitram, Jairam Chaitram and Tameshwar Jagmohan (in white shirts)

Present at the court on Tuesday was Indrawattie Rooplall who lost her husband, brother and son on the fatal day of July 22, 2016.


As the accused entered the court yard the grieving woman broke down in tears, yelling, “Lieman, Ryan wa mek alyuh kill dem, why?”


Residents of the area attempted to console the woman who subsequently told News Room that her younger son, Alvin who was with the deceased on the day of the incident is still recovering. She said the 12-year-old saw the fourth suspect’s photograph in one of the local newspapers and became reserved.

Grieving Indrawattie Rooplall
Grieving Indrawattie Rooplall

“When he see the picture he na talk back to me for the rest of the day” she said adding that “I’m happy they catch him, I was scared of him because I never see him and don’t know him he could a come anyway and reach me”, Rooplall said.


When asked how she is coping with the tragic death of her relatives, she said, “I’m not so perfect but I’m trying”.


The bodies of 33-year-old Naresh Rooplall of #77 Village, his brother-in-law, 37-year-old Pawan Chandradai aka Suresh of Lot 163 Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder and Chandradai’s son, 15-year-old Jaikarran Chandradai aka Kevin were discovered on the morning of July 22, 2016 at Kookrit Creek, Savannah, Black Bush Polder; each bearing one gunshot wound to the head. The trio had left to go fishing on the evening of July 21, 2016, along with Chandradai’s 12-year-old brother, Alvin.


Investigators had revealed that the victims witnessed the accused stealing fuel from a rice farmer in the backlands which led to them being killed.


Shortly after the gruesome discovery, three persons were arrested and subsequently charged, however the weapon allegedly used to commit the crime was not found until last weekend when the fourth suspect was arrested. Karamchand was found with an unlicensed shotgun and seven cartridges.

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