Family pleads for help for 5-year-old with brain condition


Despite life-threatening medical and emotional challenges being faced daily, five-year-old Alijah LaRose is determined to continue his quest for knowledge.


Alijah’s mother, Adecia Johnson explained that since the stage of an infant, she noticed he would have difficulties doing things, however; it was after the recent completion of an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scan that she was told he has a brain problem.


Johnson is a single parent, following the death of the child’s father; Sergeant LaRose was killed attempting to arrest a wanted man in the North West District in May 2016.


Due to the brain-related ailment, the five-year-old cannot walk or stand, making it difficult for him to play with other children.


Alijah’s maternal grandmother, Hannah Fraser, a professional nurse, said the family first realised something was wrong with Alijah when at three-months-old he could not balance his head. He was able to do so until he was eighth months old.


“By eight months he couldn’t do many of the things we look for in children. He did them way after. So we knew something was wrong, but we were sure what. Now he does things, but long after most children. He takes a while, but we have seen improvements. On Saturday for the first time was able to stand by himself,” Fraser said.


He was once a pupil of the No. 5 Village Primary School which is just across the road from his home, but due to several difficulties there, his mother was forced to transfer him to Sapodilla School of Excellence, a private school at Hopetown, a few villages away.


Alijah does not permit his challenges to come between his quest for knowledge. He has recently managed to colour and has also learned the names of Guyana’s President or Prime Minister and many of their Cabinet colleagues.


Johnson describes him as a type of Rock to the family. She admits though that the stabbing death of his father “was particularly hard on him”.


The child’s condition is a financial drain on the family since according to his mother Alijah must have constant changes of clothing for home and school because of his condition. Then there are the monthly expenses for critical medical supplies.


The Ministry of Social Protection gave Alijah a wheelchair to make life a little easier for him. According to his grandparents, they are happy for the gesture, as it would allow his family to take him around easier.


If you want to help you can contact the family on telephone number 675-3322.

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