Honouring Fire Service’s recommendations led to less damage at Gafoors bond


The Guyana Fire Service (GFS) was able to alleviate major damages at the Gafoors Houston Complex last evening as a result of the implementation of prior recommendations made to the company.


A fire of unknown origin, on Monday evening, destroyed a section of the bond, used to store tiles and construction materials at the Gafoors Houston Complex, East Bank Demerara.


News Room spoke to an official from the GFS, who noted that the fire was contained only to the section of the bond where it began. This was credited to the two solid concrete walls that were erected to the west and east of the bond following recommendations from the Fire Service after the May fire.


Added to that, there was a mechanism that allowed for the heat to be extracted from the building in the event of a fire so that fire-fighters can access the affected area and battle the blaze.


It was highlighted that while other things could have been done to further reduce the damage, the bond was incomplete at the time of the fire. One person working closely with the operations of Gafoors said that the incomplete bond was utilised to stockpile materials in preparation for the high demand during the upcoming Christmas season.


What is alarming however is that Monday’s fire erupted in bond six of the complex, the same bond in which the May 2016 fire started.

Additionally, the facility was closed and secured at least one hour before the fire started, based on information from the management of the company.


The investigations into that fire are ongoing.


(Caption; Photo of a section of the destroyed bond)


Investigation ongoing into second Gafoors fire

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