Mother of murdered British teen on a bid to save life of disabled boy she met in Guyana


(Evening Standard U.K)

The mother of a teenager who was allegedly murdered in South America has launched a fundraiser to save the life of a disabled child she met during a trip for a court hearing.


Linda Bernard, 52, from Epsom, travelled to Guyana in July to attend a court hearing over the murder of her 18-year-old son Dominic, who disappeared while on holiday in the country last October, when she met seven-year-old Ephraim Collins.


The youngster suffers from hydrochephalus – a condition which causes a large build up of fluid in the brain and makes the head swell.


The circumference of Ephraim’s head is currently 88cm, believed to be the largest human head in the world.


Mrs Bernard is aiming to raise around £70,000 to fund a life-saving operation which would see fluid drained from Ephraim’s brain.


The bereaved mother hopes to bring in cash by cutting off a ponytail she has had for 30 years on October 22, in Cheam.


Her hair will be made into a wig for a child with cancer.


Her friend, Zena Alli, said: “Linda believes that by helping to raise money for Ephraim to have a life-saving operation, some good may come from her family’s loss.”


It is believed that Dominic was murdered shortly after he arrived in Guyana in October last year. His body was found badly decomposed in a shallow grave in January.


His godbrother, Aaron Hing, 22, and 23-year-old Staymon George have been charged with the murder, and a man and two women also appeared before a judge accused of helping bury Dominic’s body and his camera equipment.

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