Business Minister does not believe crime in Guyana is higher than most other countries


Minister of Business and Tourism, Dominic Gaskin has noted that the ongoing attack by bandits on businesses is an area of concern however, he is of the view that the Public Security Ministry is more than capable of handling the country’s crime situation.


“I don’t know that crime in Guyana is higher than most countries in the world, I think most countries’ economies have to deal with crime,” the Minister said during an interview on Thursday.


However, Gaskin is not too worried about the ripple effect crime has on the Ministry’s push to promote Guyana as the ideal place to do business.


According to him, the Public Security Minister”is doing a good job.”


“It is not for me to comment on the crime situation…we’re not responsible for security,” Gaskin said when asked what he believes can be done from the Business Ministry’s perspective.


Several bodies representing businesses have been vocal about the present crime situation and its impact on the industry.

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