Guyana Fashion Weekend pushes more than the runway for models and designers


At the weekend, fashion lovers are in for surprises and twists with the return of Guyana Fashion Week (GFW). The organizers said after an intense week of activities the models and designers will be using the art as a means to shed light on social issues.

It is no secret that networking is key for any aspiring model or designer looking to make waves in the fashion industry, and one such window of opportunity is the Guyana Fashion Weekend (GFW).

On Saturday and Sunday, two fashion shows are planned at the Pegasus Hotel bringing an end to the week of activities.

Guyana Fashion Week Chief Executive Officer, Sonia Noel said her aim is building and encouraging those attracted to the industry which goes beyond the runway.

Guyana Fashion Week Chief Executive Officer, Sonia Noel
Guyana Fashion Week Chief Executive Officer, Sonia Noel

“We need to groom the youth in Guyana that they must feel responsible that they are part of the development. They are part of the growth so that is what we are nurturing beyond the runway for these youngsters to feel that ‘I can do it” the CEO said.

She related that the pieces are extravagant and displays  the passion felt by the young people for what they do.

Creative Director Richard Young said it’s about harnessing creative energy and talent for the models and designers. Young also believes that style is all part of the identity branding for Guyana which integrates all aspects of the arts.

Creative Director, Richard Young
Creative Director, Richard Young

He said during the weekend show there will also be participating brands from Antigua, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname.

“We also have international brands featured through the shop; Chetsons so the JLo line is going to be released here because they are the official brand manager of the JLo brand so we have brought another element,” Young said.

Aside for the glitz and glamour portrayed by the fashion world, this weekend shows will shed light on the issue of domestic violence, people living with disabilities and trafficking in person.

For the organizers providing a world of opportunity to designers and models willing to work hard within the industry is the life line for Guyana Fashion Weekend.

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