Gore is CMRC Group 4 (4WD) champion, but Kristian Jeffrey stole the show


By Rawle Toney

Jamaican Doug Gore picked up another Caribbean Champion Driver title on Sunday, but while the Reggae Racer and his Audi TT will be heading back to the Land of Wood Water with the over-all Silverware, it was Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey who stole the show in the CMRC Group 4 (4WD) category.

Prior to competing on Sunday, Jeffrey had only turned out for two legs of the CMRC, but failed to pick up points. The 2015 Caribbean champion driver and Guyana’s 2015 Senior Sportsman-of-the-Year award recipient reminded his regional counterparts why he’s probably the best Driver in the Caribbean.

Group Four cars at the club house turn
             Group Four cars at the club house turn

In his high-powered Mitsubishi ‘Evo’, which had troubled him for much of this year, the younger Jeffrey, started the day on a high-note, picking up the chequered flag in the first Group 4 race.

However, it was the second race where Kristian proved his worth. The Group 4 category is where the ‘big dogs’ play, and, as such, the top players in Caribbean Motor sport got off to a flying start.

OOPS! Doug Gore looses the bonnet of his Audi TT
    OOPS! Doug Gore loses the bonnet of his Audi TT

Gore and his Audi TT took the lead, but Jeffrey, after a collision at the Goose-neck, spun out of the race. The race, by far the most exciting on the day, later saw Gore losing his bonnet and car going up in smoke, as Vishok Persaud and his E-Network branded ‘Evo’ took the lead.

The crowd rose to their feet after Jeffrey found himself back in the race, but, Vishok Persaud had taken a then seemingly unassailable lead. Barbados’ Mark Maloney and his fire-spitting Mazda was in pursuit of Persaud, as Jeffrey made his way back into podium contention.

Kristian Jeffrey makes it past Vishok Persaud.
         Kristian Jeffrey makes it past Vishok Persaud.

With three more laps to go, Jeffrey nicely got around Persaud on the Club House stretch and the rest as they say, was “history”. He went on to pick up his second chequered flag on the day, while Persaud was third. Maloney finished second.

Kristian didnt make it out of the pits for the final race, but, technically, the race was cancelled after Persaud was involved in an accident.



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