Drunk driver struck down sexagenarians


An intoxicated 20-year-old resident of Grant 1805 Crab Wood Creek (C.W.C) who struck down three sexagenarians about 17:10 hrs. on Friday has been arrested.

Enquiries disclosed that 66 year old George Beramsingh aka ‘Quarter’, 60 year old Harrinarine Lakhan aka ‘Ranal’ and 60 year old Vidyawattie Adhari aka ‘Granny’, all of C.W.C, were sitting on a bridge rail situated about 20 feet off the public road at Deen’s Sawmill Access Road, when Motor car PNN 7746 which was proceeding north along the western side of C.W.C Public Road , allegedly at fast rate, attempted to turn east onto the Access Road and in the process lost control of his vehicle and struck down the senior citizens.

The driver then locked his car and fled. He was subsequently arrested and a breathalyser test was conducted. His blood alcohol level was found to be above the legal limit.

The trio who received multiple injuries to their lower limbs and body were rushed to the Skeldon Hospital in a conscious state, and were transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where Beramsingh and Lakhan were admitted and Adhari treated and sent away.

Beramsingh’s left foot had to be amputated.

Investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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