French kiss sends Magistrate’s court in frenzy


By Leroy Smith
On Friday, the New Amsterdam Court Room of Magistrate, Alex Moore was up in a frenzy after a young couple who were on the verge of “breaking up”, ended up sharing a French kiss in open court that apparently saved their six years relationship.

Jamal Hunte and Nichola Gordon of Kwakwani Park in the Berbice River are parents to a six-month-old baby. The couple ended up in court after Hunte reportedly slapped and push Nichola into a chair.

The court heard that the two were engaged in an argument, during which Hunte slapped and pushed the young woman. However, Hunte denied the allegations noting that he “did no such thing” but rather pulled her back as she was walking away from him during the argument.

Relating her side of the story, Gordon said she cautioned him that if he hits her, she will go to the police and that apparently angered the young man who then committed the offence to prove a point.

Magistrate Moore then mediated between the two to get to the bottom of the situation during which it was found that in their six years of being together there was not an incident of this nature before.

The woman said that she was not sure of continuing her relationship with the man but that it depends on him. He, of course, told the court that he needs his “woman” back, as the last few days without her and the child were his worst days.

The magistrate told the accused that for them to get back together it would depend on what he does to which the woman said that she needs him to stop being “so hasty and controlling”

When the magistrate asked the accused what he was going to do to get the woman back, he said “apologise” and he immediately went about doing it, much to the disapproval of those in the court room who though it was not sincere.

The virtual Complainant told the court that the apology was not good enough to which the magistrate told the young man “this is your one shot audition to get her to stay”, to which he again tried at apologising.

The magistrate then asked the court to indicate by show of hands if they feel he was being genuine and that his apology was hitting home and they responded in the negative.

Sensing that he was losing his fight, the man made the bold step at walking over to his reputed wife, embraced her and began French kissing her, much to the amusement of the magistrate, court orderly, prosecutors and all others who were in court.

The magistrate allowed it even as shouts and chants of approval filled the courtroom. The News Room was informed that the spontaneous action also rendered Magistrate Alex Moore powerless as the will of the people seem to have been the order of the day.

The two eventually left the courthouse together.

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