UPDATED; Reputed wife of dead man was allegedly sleeping with 16-yr-old boy


By Leroy Smith

According to the reputed wife of now dead; 23-year-old Imtaz Alli, her husband believes that she was involved in an intimate relationship with the teenager whom he attacked, on Saturday evening.

The 26-year-old woman, Nicole Indal is, however, denying this claim.

Alli was stabbed and killed on Saturday evening by a 16-year-old from the same community whom it is alleged was sharing a relationship with his reputed wife.

During a visit to the home of the deceased on Sunday, Indal said she and the young man are only friends and her now dead reputed husband got angry as he thought that she was intimate with the 16-year-old boy who frequents an internet cafe where she works.

The 26-year-old admitted that she and her reputed husband who works in the interior as an excavator operator were having relationship issues of late. She also alleged that he cheated in the past.

However, persons in the community where the teenager lives and also who are familiar with the woman said that she is being dishonest about the entire situation. The residents are claiming that she indeed shared a relationship with the 16-year-old who works at a car wash bay.

The relatives of the 16-year-old said that he has photographs on his phone of him and the woman kissing and would normally come home with hickeys on his neck. It was also disclosed that he slept out of his home on more than one occasion. It is suspected that whenever he sleeps out, it is when Alli is at work in the interior location.

On Saturday evening 23-year-old Intiaz Ally reportedly attempted to run his car; PSS 2435 over the woman and the teenager who were walking with other persons. All the other persons took evasive measures but the teenager was struck from his pedal cycle.

He, however, managed to get up and run but the angry 23-year-old man who showed up with his friend gave chase and captured the 16-year-old whom he subsequently dealt several cuffs about the body. The teenager then retaliated and whipped out a knife from the handbag of the 26-year-old woman which he was carrying and inflicted a stab wound to the neck of the now deceased.

The man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The media was told by the 26-year-old woman that her now deceased, reputed husband was very controlling and abusive. As such, they were partially separated.

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