Women charged for attempting to bribe police in carpenter’s murder case


The mother and daughter of a man who is accused of ordering a successful hit on a carpenter were today also remanded to prison for subsequently offering bribes to police ranks to “duck the case”.

Magistrate Ann McLennon on Tuesday remanded 25-year-old Mary Anne Lionel and 45-year-old Shinella Indarally for deliberately attempting to obstruct the course of justice. Both reside at Lot 171 Section B No. 71 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

The duo is accused of offering a police corporal $4M in cash to release four men who were detained for murder of Faiyaz Narinedat of #70 Village Corentyne Berbice, and to forfeit efforts to apprehend Marcus Bisram, their relative, who allegedly paid the men to commit the act.

The court heard that on Saturday, November 19, 2016, at Eve Leary the two offered the police the money to carry out the illegal act of swaying the investigation.

As the charge which was laid indictable in the court was read, tears came to the eyes of the 45-year-old woman while her daughter was more composed.

The four men who the women attempted to prevent from being slapped with the murder charge were paid by the businessman who resides in the United States of America to commit the act after he was allegedly choked by the 26-year-old. According to reports, the businessman made advances towards Narinedat causing him to retaliate and choking him.

They will return to court on Monday, November 28 for fixture and reporting on the matter.

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