Sophia fire leaves six homeless


By Leroy Smith

Four children and their parents are now homeless after a fire on Monday destroyed their lot 556 ‘D’ Field Sophia home.

Bryan Britton
Bryan Britton

According to the father and owner of the home, Bryan Britton, the fire may have been caused by one of his older children; 12 and 13 years old, who were at home at the time.

“Them (the Guyana Fire Service officials) asked me; What caused the fire, I said I don’t know, they mussy leff on the stove, the normal chinee stove and duh cud cause it because them negligence (negligent). Duh was the most I could say” Britton said.

The man told News Room that he had no electricity but he had “four TVs, the laptop we get from the other government, the gas stove that we don’t use because we got to buy gas, wardrobe, Chester draws, bed and documents and stuff”.

When the News Room visited today, persons from the area were helping the family nail zinc sheets around an old abandoned shack for the family to rest their heads tonight.

The shack being built
The shack being built

As it is, the family is still not sure if they would be able to secure any mattress or other items before the night is out of if they would have to be forced to sleep on the cold concrete flooring of the shack.

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