UPDATED; Enmore man found dead; suicide suspected


By Leroy Smith

A 25-year-old joiner of Enmore, East Coast Demerara (E.C.D), Ramdat Ramdular was this morning found dead on a coconut estate.

Ramdular of 113 Newtown Enmore has two daughters.

News Room was told that the man was last seen on Tuesday. It was also disclosed that the man purchased a poisonous substance earlier in the week which he might have ingested.

Relatives who gathered at the scene positively identified the man who was clad in a green shirt and pants. and laying on his back when his body was discovered.

Mother of the deceased, Rosaline Ramdular said that her son who turned 25 years old last week Wednesday, has been sharing a common-law relationship for the past five years with a young lady whom he married only five months ago.

She said that her son worked at a joiner shop in the community but left that job two months ago after which everything has changed. The woman said he began visiting the home of another young lady from the community who his mother identified as being just above the age of 16.

The woman explained that the relatives of the other woman would hide her son in their house even after being told that the young man would have been married.

The News Room will bring you added information shortly as our Crime Reporter Leroy Smith is presently speaking with relatives.

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