One dead, 8 injured in separate accidents


By Leroy smith

28-year-old Shop Keeper, Toushonna Frank of Central Amelia’s Ward died while receiving medical attention at the Linden Hospital Complex early this morning (Tuesday, December 20, 2016) following injuries she sustained as a result of an accident in the mining town.

Jenica Chance, age 4, Darnel Frank, age 10, Paula Taylor, age 51 and Royston Telford, age 57, were all injured as a result of the accident.

Motor car; PSS 6725
Motor car; PSS 6725

The News Room learnt that the Franks and Chance were in motor car; PSS 6725 driven by Taylor when she lost control of the vehicle and collided with a minibus, which was driven by Telford at approximately 01:30hrs on Tuesday morning.

Minibus involved in the Linden accident
Minibus involved in the Linden accident


The accident occurred along the Amelia’s Ward Public Road. It is unclear what caused the woman to lose control of the vehicle.

While the two children were treated and sent away, the two drivers were admitted to the hospital for observation by doctors, the News Room was told.

Meanwhile on the East Coast of Demerara, around the same time on Tuesday (December 20, 2016) also, four persons narrowly escaped death after the vehicle in which they were travelling; HC 3406 collided with a utility pole at Coldingen, bringing it down and causing power outage to several communities along the stretch.

No one was seriously injured.

Motor Car involved in the accident on the East Coast

First responders who visited the scene indicated to the News Room that the driver who is not in police custody at this time indicated that his brakes failed while others are contending that the driver may have been consuming alcohol prior to the crash.

A police source confirmed that the driver was not subjected to a breathalyser test as he was taken to the hospital immediately after the accident.

At the scene this morning, the car could be seen smashed against a concrete and steel fence while a utility police with dangling high tension wires and transformers lay on the road impeding the flow of the busy morning traffic.

The names of the occupants of the accidents on the East Coast was not immediately available to the News Room

The police investigations into both accidents are continuing.

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