GDF Ranks treated to annual Christmas lunch served by Brigadier David Granger


Today was the final day of the Guyana Defence Force’s Soldiers’ day activities, where ranks were honoured for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Lunch was served to the ranks by Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Brigadier Ret’d David Granger.

The annual Christmas Lunch was held at Base Camp Ayanganna. Chief-of-Staff Brigadier George Lewis said the event was held at all the GDF’s bases and camps across the country and was well appreciated by the deserving ranks. He expressed gratitude to President Granger for participating in the events not only at Camp Ayanganna but at Mabaruma and Eteringbang as well.

The Chief-of-Staff said for 2016 there was a 30 percent increase in the number of ranks trained in various areas and has continued to maintain efficiency in adhering to Governmental financial regulations. Brigadier Lewis speaking directly to the President boasted that when pitted against the challenges the successes of the GDF won the battle. He expressed pride and committed to performing even better in the new year.

In addressing the troops, the President expressed similar sentiments as the Chief-of-Staff noting that the GDF has recorded a good year.

Photo Compliments of MOTP
Photo Compliments of MOTP

The Commander-in-Chief said after 51 years, Guyana has recorded a victory with regard to the Guyana/ Venezuela Border Controversy.

His gratitude was further demonstrated as he assisted in sharing the lunches to the ranks, who seem proud to be served by the country’s Head of State.


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