Manager/ technician among three held for attempting to cover-up Tower shooting


BY Leroy Smith
Their efforts to cover up the shooting inside of Club Privilege located at Tower Suites on Main Street on Sunday (January 08, 2017) morning continue to unravel as the police keep finding more evidence of what was supposed to be ‘a perfect cover up’.

Yesterday (Tuesday, January 10, 2017) the police took three persons into custody; those include two female managers and male technician.

The News Room was made to understand that as the police began the probe late Sunday afternoon, the technician decided to unplug certain key connections that could reveal what took place in the club in an effort to give investigators the impression that the systems were not properly working.

However, the police brought its own in-house technician who is no stranger to the type of set-up in the Club and he confirmed that there were attempts to tamper with the recording and the equipment which monitored the movements in the club.

One source told the News Room “They keep saying that ain’t know nothing and we finding a lot of evidence and the technician disconnected a lot of things but after we found the DVR, we began seeing stuff which tells the truth.”

If the police are able to gather enough evidence to bring charges, the trio can be charged for attempting to pervert the course of justice or tampering with a crime scene.

Minister Ramjattan has also made his position known with respect to the matter. “The license will be revoked if indeed there was a shooting there and they tried to cover it up,” he told the News Room on Sunday.

Following the shooting, the patrons ran out of the club and the staff closed the door and proceeded to clean up the place, getting rid of all evidence which could spark an investigation.

The clean up was, however, sloppy as bits and pieces of evidence began to fall into the hands of detectives who have been working on the case since Sunday afternoon.

The injured were reportedly taken to private hospitals even as one eyewitness who is also the same person who reported the matter to the police, sought treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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