Bandits captured with the ‘Good Life’ loot


By Royan Abrams

Following a review of CCTV footage and the provision of the description of the suspects to police, two youths have been arrested in connection with the brazen robbery committed against a young Corentyne businessman.

Good Life Supermarket


The two suspects have been identified as 19-year-old Daniel Grant and 20-year-old Shawn Thompson, both of whom were arrested at a house in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne.


Portable DVD player

During their arrest, ranks recovered a motorcycle which had no registration number, a portable DVD player and several other items which are believed to be stolen.


On Tuesday January 10, 2017 between 20:20 hours and 20:27 hours while the businessman who has been identified as 36-year-old Huang Jun Xiong and Businesswoman, 36-year-old Zhang Bi Hang were plying their trade, when two men, one armed with a shotgun and the other with a cutlass pulled up on a motorcycle and attacked them.

According to information reaching the News Room, the two victims operate the ‘Good Life Supermarket’ located at Lot 23 “B” Belvedere Public Road, Corentyne.

At the time of the robbery, the victims were tallying the day’s sale when the armed suspects rode up to the location on a black Jialing motorcycle and rushed into the supermarket, simultaneously ordering the victims along with several customers to lay on the ground facing downwards.

News Room was told that one of the bandits who was armed with the shotgun attacked Zhang Bi Hang and demanded cash. As he was about to hand over the money, Huang Jun Xiong pulled her away which resulted in the two suspects grabbing him and beating him about his body with the shotgun and cutlass. He was later taken by one of the armed bandits to the upper flat of the supermarket where he resides and there he handed over $300,000 before being taken back to the lower flat of the building where the supermarket is housed.

The duo also escaped with the day’s sales which amounted to $100,000 and US $1000. The police were called in and questioned several persons in the area but got no useful information. However, they reviewed a CCTV footage which revealed that one of the suspects had on a “light grey” long sleeved shirt, a checkered three-quarter pants, brown sneaker and a black full face helmet while the other bandit wore a red, black and grey hoodie, a red cap and a red bandana tied around his face, long camouflage pants and black slippers.

Following a tip-off, the police were able to arrest two youths who are believed to be the perpetrators of the robbery since they fit the description of the two bandits shown on the CCTV footage. Additionally, some of the stolen items were found in their possession.The suspects are presently in custody at the Albion Police Station assisting with investigations.

Charges are likely to be laid against the two.

Investigations are ongoing.

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