No payment for city parking just yet; by-laws not signed


Today (Monday, January 23, 2017) is the day Smart City Solutions (SCS) said it would begin the payment aspect of the Parking Meter System.

However, the Communities Minister said he expects that the company would wait until the by-laws are officially signed off and City Hall given the go-ahead before the public is charged.

Ronald Bulkan- Minister of Communities

Spokesman for SCS Kit Nascimento, when contacted this morning told the News Room that the public would not be charged for parking since the by-laws have not been signed off.

Kit Nascimento- Spokesman SCS

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan last evening (Sunday, January 22, 2017) confirmed that the legal department of his ministry is currently examining the by-laws regarding the Parking Meter System and following the resolution of any clarifications, then City hall will be given the green light.

The Minister related to News Room and the by-laws were received on Friday last and he anticipates that it would take a day or two for his legal department to review.

According to the minister, it would take another week or two for the public to become familiarized to the Parking Meter System, particularly the payment aspect.

At a recent event of his Ministry, Mr. Bulkan endorsed the project, noting that its efficacy and benefits would be realized by the wider public with the passing of time.


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