CAMPBELLVILLE LOCKDOWN UPDATE- AK-47, Pistol, ammo & car seized; 3 arrested


By Leroy Smith

Three men, ages ranging in the twenties and thirties were arrested this evening (Sunday, January 22, 2017) after the police swooped down at an address in John Street, Campbellville and carried out a search.

The search netted one AK-47 assault rifle, one 9mm pistol, ammunition for both weapons and two heavily tinted vehicles.

The police are unable to confirm at this point if the vehicles were illegally obtained.

The News Room was told by persons in the area that the owner of the house lives in the United Kingdom and handed over the house to an agent to look after its rental, which is estimated to be more than $150,000 monthly.

It was reported that a man and woman approached the agent some time ago to rent the place and signed a contract, however, they were never seen at the house, instead, it was a number of suspiciously looking males who were often spotted at the house. The police were informed.

This evening Deputy Commander of ‘A’ Division, Calvin Brutus told the News Room that after the police received information about the suspicious characters at the house, he mobilized a team and moved to the location.

Deputy Commander of ‘A’ Division Calvin Brutus and other ranks

They surrounded the house before making their presence known to the men who were inside. The police also took one of its weapons sniffer dogs with them.

Police van with sniffer dog

Following a complete search of the two flats of the building, yard, garage and cars, the guns and ammunition were unearthed.

The men were arrested.

Two of the men being taken into custody in the police van

Brutus indicated that the men are known to the police and have been in brushes with the law before for serious crimes including possession of illegal firearms.

Relatives of the homeowner have since made contact with her, informing of the development.

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