BREAKING NEWS: Three arrested, one on the run after high speed chase


By Leroy Smith

The police have arrested three men following a high-speed chase along the East Coast Public road this afternoon.

The men are currently at the Sparendaam Police Station, East Coast Demerara (E.C.D.)

The News Room was informed that the occupants of the motor vehicle were observed acting in a suspicious manner causing the cops to give chase.

The men sped off and turned through a street at Industry but the swift turning of the vehicle caused the vehicle to topple.

As the car toppled, one of the men plunged out of the vehicle, grabbed a bag, jumped on a motorcycle and rode off.

The police gave chase but when they finally caught up with the motorcycle, the man tossed something into a nearby trench and fled. He was eventually apprehended.

The police also managed to apprehend two other suspects, while the fourth escaped.

Back at the scene where the car turned over, the police managed to arrested two of the remaining three occupants while another made good his escape.

The police took the men back to the scene but failed to locate anything.

The investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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