Farfan and Mendes renews partnership with RHTY&SC


The highly successful relationship between the Providence based, Farfan and Mendes Limited, and Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), M.S, was renewed for the 21st successive year on Friday last.

The company and the club have enjoyed a close and cordial relationship since 1997, when Farfan and Mendes Limited came on board as the official sponsor of the RHTY&SC Under-15 team.

RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, noted that Farfan and Mendes Limited is currently the longest serving official sponsor of the club and over the last 21 years has played a major role in the development of the RHTY&SC in to Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation.

The RHT Farfan and Mendes Under-15 team is currently the defending Berbice Under-15 champions and over the years has won the Berbice championship five times under the sponsorship. Foster hailed the assistance of the company over the last 20 years and expressed confidence that the relationship would continue to develop in the future.

The company’s sponsorship over the years, the long serving Club official stated, has allowed players to concentrate on playing the game without worrying about the high cost associated with cricket.

The sponsorship for 2017 is worth $240,000, which would be paid in two instalments. The sponsorship over the years has produced 17 national Under-15 cricketers and a total of 43 for Berbice at the Under-15 level.

The players include Assad Fudadin, Abdel Fudadin, Delbert Hicks, Royston Crandon, Shevon Marks, Abdel Fudadin, Shawn Perriera, Shemaine Campbelle, Plaffina Millington, Dominic Rikhi, Naresh Mahadeo, Parmanand Narine, Murphy La Rose, Arif, Junior Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson and Sylus Tyndall.

Campbelle, Crandon and Fudadin have since gone on to represent the West Indies at different levels over the years. The sponsorship covers balls for game and practice, transportation cost to venues, snacks and cricket gear for 2017.

The company every year also co-sponsors the RHTY&SC, M.S, Youth Review Magazine, Cricket academy, award ceremony, Say No/Say Yes Programme, Charity programme and Christmas Outreach.

The RHT Farfan and Mendes Under-15 team last year also successfully completed 57 programmes off the cricket field as part of their personal development campaign.

Special gratitude was extended to the management of the company, especially Marketing Executive Onai Vasconcellos and former Club Patron, June Mendes.  Vasconcellos, in brief remarks, stated that his company was pleased to be associated with the RHTY&SC, M.S, as it has successfully represented the Farfan and Mendes brand with pride, passion and discipline.

The Marketing Executive expressed confidence that the RHTY&SC, M.S, would uphold the high standard it has always set itself and that the relationship between the two entities would be strengthen and expanded in the future.

Lucas Arthur has been appointed as captain of the Farfan and Mendes Under-15 team for the 2017 season. while Jonathan Rampersaud would serve as his deputy. As part of the club’s plan to expose younger members to leadership duties, Simon Naidu would serve as manager, while veteran RHTY&SC member Delbert Hicks is the coach.

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