New club added to local rugby circuit


By Treiston Joseph

Rugby will see the formation of a new club, set to be called the Panthers, and Coach of the team, Laurence Adonis, spoke with News Room Sport on the development of the new club and its goals in a recent interview. The Panthers will officially become part of Guyana’s rugby landscape in the coming weeks when the executive body is elected.

With the dismantling of the University of Guyana Wolves because of internal issues, all the players from the Wolves, along with Coach Adonis, have decided to form the club, leaving the university team in disarray.

However, Adonis spoke of the reason for the players leaving the University of Guyana Wolves. “I don’t think we had a bad break-up, we didn’t see eye-to-eye on some things and myself and the players decided that we needed to go a different road so we stepped away to form the new club.

“We are in the process of puling of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) this coming week and I have all the players with me that use to be at the University,” Adonis noted.

In addition, Adonis highlighted that youth development will be a key part of the club’s mantra since he believes that youth development was a problem not just with the University of Guyana, but with the rugby landscape in Guyana.

Adonis further highlighted that the club will be aiming to start a school league since there are a lot of talent in the schools who some of his players have been working with. Meanwhile, Adonis revealed that the enthusiasm for the fresh start is at an all time high by the entire team and expects the squad to remain dominant.

The new team is expected to install its executive committee during the course of this week in time for the club to participate at the upcoming Guinness Sevens tournament in February.

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