Several arrested after bandits sexually assault and rob Berbice teacher


The Police in ‘B’ Division have arrested several persons including females following a robbery committed on a female and a male on the East Bank of Berbice on Tuesday (February 28, 2017).

The ransacked room belonging to the teacher

On Tuesday morning, the woman who is a teacher just above the age of 40 was robbed and sexually assaulted by four masked armed men, three with shotguns and the other with a cutlass.

The Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam told the News Room that the arrests were made after several items which were stolen from the woman during the armed robbery, were recovered.

According to Amsterdam, investigators are trying to locate other persons of interest based on information they would have received from the suspects in custody.

News Room was told that the woman who is residing in the upper flat of the building, had just retired to bed when she was awoken by her barking dogs. Upon venturing outside to investigate, she saw two masked men walking on the street, in the direction of her home.

She related that moments later the two men were joined by two others.

Blood stains showing where the male occupant was abused

The woman then retreated inside but the men entered the yard and climbed on a shed, breaking a window to gain entry to her home. She further related that they placed a gun to her head and demanded cash and other valuables which they say they were taking into the interior and the creek.

News Room understands that the men also went into the woman’s room and proceeded to sexually assault her.

After assaulting the woman, the bandits then went to the lower flat of the building where they dealt the occupant living downstairs several chops about his body.

Following the ordeal, both occupants were taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where they were treated and sent away.

Investigations are ongoing.

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