“Slap on the wrist” for ASP; Criminal charge for Corporal, in AK-47 Probe


By Leroy Smith

Today (Monday, March 06, 2017) Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed that Assistant Superintendent of Police, (ASP) Denny who was part of the smuggled AK-47 probe would not be criminally charged.

Instead, he will be dealt with departmentally. This was the advise handed to the police by investigators who were dealing with the matter.

This is the third embarrassing situation involving the very ASP.

An investigation commenced on Wednesday, March 01, 2017, after a vehicle owned by a civilian was found with an AK-47, moments after driving out of the Police Headquarters Compound.

The ASP’s phone number was found in the phone of the civilian along with the phone number of a corporal.

The vehicle the News Room was told, belongs to the brother of the civilian. The civilian would be heading to court today (Monday, March 06, 2017) after the police receive legal advice in the matter.

Meanwhile, the police corporal whose number was also found in the phone of the civilian and detectives believe had a more serious form of communication with the civilian would be criminally charged. The advice to the police in this matter is expected to return to the police from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The other ranks who were questioned and placed under close arrest would also be charged departmentally along with the ASP.

Blanhum admitted that the force has been unable to link the weapon to its arsenal and there is no confirmation that the weapon is linked to any crimes. The police are looking at the crime waves of several years ago to see if the weapon is connected to any of those.

Blanhum also told reporters that there is no way of determining at this time if the weapon was part of an exhibit from any crime scene.  All efforts thus far to retrace the serial number have been futile, he told journalists.

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