Beharry Group of Companies onboard with school basketball


By Treiston Joseph

The Beharry Group of Companies for the ninth consecutive year has aligned itself with the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) brand in support of Guyana’s most successful school basketball tournament. 

School basketball is on the horizon and the Edward B. Beharry Group of Companies was the first to support YBG on Tuesday with a small, but significant donation. Director of YBG, Chris Bowman, was happy that the top company continued their support of the youth programme.

“We are pretty happy that Edward B. Beharry is onboard with us again because this is not an easy thing to do, but they (Beharry Group of Companies) have really been unwavering in their support of us even if we have wavered a bit their support has really kept us going and really want to thank them for the support,” Bowman stated.

Brands Manager at the Beharry Group of Companies, Kamini Naresh, shared that the company is dedicated to the development of youths in society.

“As you guys know we have been always willing to give back and this is one of those ways to do we really love this programme and are proud of your (YBG) accomplishments, we believe the youths of today are the future of tomorrow and we are really happy for the opportunity,” Naresh noted.

Beharry Group of Companies is onboard with the programme for nine years running and is the company that has supported the event the longest.

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