“To pay or not to pay?”- Motorists questioning suspension of Parking Meter Project


By Delicia Bailey

Despite reports of the three month Cabinet recommended suspension to the controversial parking meter project in Georgetown, there is still some uncertainty among motorists and other stakeholders on the way forward.

Earlier today (Wednesday, March 15, 2017), Smarty City Solutions, the implementer of the project through spokesman, Kit Nascimento, issued a statement saying that the company “has received no instruction nor any official word in respect to taking any action to suspend the geoPark project.”

Photo captured from Video filmed on March 15, 2017

Evidence of this was further displayed as one parking meter marshall was observed by News Room, to be going ahead with enforcement as he attempted to clamp one vehicle because the owner insisted on hearing that the project was suspended.

The same marshall some minutes later proceeded to assist another driver with entering his information into the meter for parking.

News Room reached out to this driver, who wanted to remain anonymous, for comment on his ordeal and he too claimed that he heard earlier today on the radio that the project was suspended and had his reservations about paying to park.

Photo taken March 15, 2017

“I come and ask he (marshall) wah goin on and I tell he I hear pon the radio this morning the thing thing for three months and he say once he here you gah pay or he lock the wheel off” the man said.

News Room also attempted to solicit a comment from Smart City Solutions counterparty, the Mayor and Councilors of the City of Georgetown but we were told by Deputy Town Clerk, Sharon Harry-Munroe that all questions should be deferred to Town Clerk, Royston King.

News Room, has noted too that in the reports on the Cabinet recommended suspension, there was no indication of how soon the directive would take effect.

Telephone calls to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Cabinet’s position on the issue went unanswered.


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