Two rushed to New Amsterdam Public Hospital following accident


Two employees of the Skeldon Sugar Estate were rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital following an accident this afternoon (Monday, March 20, 2017).

According to information reaching News Room, at about 14:30 hours, the driver of motor Pickup was heading east out of the entrance to the Skeldon Estate, when it was alleged that motor car PRR 7600 which was traveling at a fast rate, slammed into the Pickup, causing it to topple several times before coming to a halt.

Motor Pickup

The injured men have been identified as 58-year-old James Kempadoo, a foreman and 48-year-old Hemand Jagdeo, a driver. They were both occupants of the Pickup.

News Room understands that following the collision, the driver of the motor car escaped and abandoned his vehicle on the public road.

Motorcar PRR 7600


Kempadoo’s son told the Mews Room that while he is not fully aware of what transpired, he was informed of the incident and immediately rushed to the scene to investigate. At that time, his father was already taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was later transferred to the New Amsterdam hospital. The man suffered injuries to his head and limbs.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo’s wife recalled that she was at home when she received a call from officials from the Skeldon Estate informing her of the accident involving her husband who has been working as a driver for the estate for over ten years.

She disclosed that she saw her husband at the Skeldon Hospital where he was being prepared to be taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for further medical attention as he sustains injuries to his head chest and leg.

Both men were admitted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for observations.

More details will be provided as it becomes available.

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