Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha extends Navratri greetings


Statement from the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha extends Navratri greetings ( Navratriki Shubh Kaamnaayea) as Hindus observe this auspicious period dedicated to the worship of Shakti Ma which began on March 28th and culminates with Ram Navmi on April 4th.

May we be inspired to find the Shakti within, be enlightened to make rational and positive decisions and be guided to act in accordance with our Dharmic values. This period of Navratri must be devoid of superstition; it is not demonic in nature but steeped in divinity and purity and urges mankind to move towards the destruction of evil, negative and injustice. It must be respected as a sacred, prayerful time which provides the Hindu community with the opportunity for fasting, worship and introspection.

This beautiful period also allows us to appreciate the significance of worshiping the divine as Shakti or the feminine aspect, ensuring that in the world of today, we continuously fight for the upliftment, protection and empowerment of women. As women, just as Durga Ma has a multitude of dimensions, so too must we recognise our abilities and inherent divinity and never let anyone make us doubt our capability or our potential.

The emergence of Durga Devi took place in the context of a cosmic crisis. The origin of DURGA DEVI is tied to the demon MAHISASUR who was granted a boon which made him invincible to all his opponents except a woman. The fiery energies of light and strength emitted from ShaktacreatedDurga Devi whose splendour spread throughout the Universe. She received the trident or TRISHUL from Shiva, the SUDARSHAN CHAKRA or discuss from Vishnu Bhagwan, bow and arrows from Vayu etc.  Fully equipped, She defeated Mahishasur.  The Devi Bhagwatam records two other major divine interventions of Durga Devi, the battle with Madhu and Kaithaband ‘Shumbh’ and ‘Nishumbh’ whom she conquered and on each occasion restored stability and peace on earth.

Navratri is a time when Hindus adore that the Supreme in the form of the universal Mother called by many names – Durga, Kali, Ambika, Jagdamba, Uma, Gauri, Lalita and Chamundi.  They are different aspects of the single Shakti or power.

The nine-night period is divided to allow worship of her three principal forms, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

As Durga, She is known to have conquered all her foes and is portrayed as the source of power and force.  Prayers are done to her and she is invoked in this aspect to destroy all negative tendencies. In the divine form of Lakshmi, She is symbolic of prosperity and abundance.  Devotees pay homage and pray that their lives may be filled with every happiness and abundance.  The idea here is not only to pursue material prosperity but also spiritual exaltation and peace.  We seek the blessings of Maha Lakshmi Devi to assist us in our transition from the dark recesses of ignorance unto the sublime, indeed to cultivate noble sentiments.The final phase of Navratra is dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati who is the giver of intelligence.  In this aspect, worship is necessary to achieve knowledge, consciousness and self-illumination.  Having invoked Durga and adored Lakshmi, one is fit to enter the temple of Saraswati – Goddess of learning.

This period is observed aligned to the season of spring, it called Vasant or ChaitraNavratrri and ushers in the Hindu New Year 2074.Observance of Navratra at this time with the strictest spiritual discipline yields immense material and spiritual gains.

You are invited to attend NavratriSatsangh at the Shri Krishna Mandir, Campbellville at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, 29th and April 4th and the Rama KrishnaDharmicMandir in Kitty every evening at 7:00 pm throughout the period and on Ramnavmi.

ShubhNavratri. Jai Mata di!

Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha

28th March, 2017

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