Corentyne man sets house on fire following argument with wife


The Police in Berbice are trying to locate a fish vendor who set his home on fire following a heated argument with his wife last evening (Monday, April 10, 2017).

36-year-old Ceenarine Cyril

News Room understands that 36-year-old Ceenarine Cyril who was under the influence of alcohol, arrived home at about 18:30 hours and began enquiring from his 26-year-old wife about a pedal cycle he left secured in the yard

This lead to an argument between the two and as a result the woman, Sarita Sawindra took her three children and left the home.

According to Sawindra, after she left her husband who was intoxicated at home alone, she received a telephone call informing her that the house was on fire and that the man could not be located.

She recalled that she rushed to the scene where she saw that persons had formed a bucket brigade and were making efforts to put out the fire but the building was already engulfed.

The News Room was told that on numerous occasions, Cyril would have threatened to burn down his home and take his own life. News Room learned that only a month ago, the man drank a poisonous substance and was in the hospital for several days battling for life.

Firefighters from the Rose Hall Fire Service also arrived on the scene but were unable to save the building. However, they were seen going through the rubbles to determine whether or not Cyril was caught in the fire but found nothing.

Investigations are ongoing.

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