BREAKING NEWS: Farmer busted with cocaine in Essequibo



By Leroy Smith

A routine roadblock by ranks in the Police ‘G’ Division this afternoon saw them conducting a search on a motor vehicle HB 5808.

A routine search was carried out by the police on the vehicle and its occupants and four parcels of a white substance suspected to be cocaine were found.

The police promptly took the occupants of the car into custody and impounded the vehicle.

The substance was weighed and tested and it was found to be approximately ten pounds of pure cocaine.

The operation was conducted on the Aurora Public Road, Essequibo  just after 15:00hrs today. The man arrested by the police has been identified as 30-year-old Andrew Kenneth, who is said to be a poultry farmer of Port Kaituma.

The man reportedly told detectives under interrogation that he found the substance. He, however, could not say where he found the substance.

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