Glasgow New Housing Scheme home interior destroyed by mystery fire


A fire of unknown origin has completely destroyed the inside of a single storey, three bedroom concrete home in the Glasgow New Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice on Sunday May 14, 2017.

News Room understands that the fire which is suspected to be electrical in origin began in one of the bedrooms at about 22:30 yesterday. News Room understands that the occupants of the home were out when the fire began.

A neighbour, Arthur Lewis told reporters at the scene that he had retired to bed when he heard a loud explosion. He related that when he ventured outside to investigate he saw his neighbour’s home on fire.

“I was in bed with my wife lay down when I heard something go off so I jumped over my wife who was sleeping and I peep outside and I see the house on fire so I shout fire fire. I ran out here and call out the other neighbours” he said.

News Room was told that efforts were made by persons in the area to extinguish the fire but the entire inner section of the building was engulfed so they were forced to watch as the building burn while awaiting the arrival of the Guyana Fire Service.

“The fire service came like a twenty minutes after and they try to see what they can do to save the building but the while inside burn up. The owner for the house came afterward but everything was finish” the neighbour added.

The neighbour also told reporters that the fire started from a bedroom and that it could not have been anything from the kitchen as the gas bottles were inside of a storeroom outside of the building.

The Guyana fire service are still conducting investigations to ascertain the cause of the fire.

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