Housewife offers cop over $500,000 bribe to release businessman found with gun/ammo


A Helena No.1 Mahaica Housewife is in the custody of the police following her attempts to bribe a police officer to release her husband.

40-year-old Sabita Nandrine Kemraj was yesterday (Saturday, May 20, 2017) arrested by police ranks at the Mahaica Police Station after she rushed to offer $525,000 to a detective in order to secure her husband’s release from the lockups and to drop charges of possession of illegal gun and ammunition against him.

The News Room has been informed that the woman visited the station with the offer to the police corporal after a search was conducted at their home and it was found that her husband, Danram Salikram, had in his bedroom an illegal gun and 67 live rounds of ammunition in his bedroom.

He confessed orally to the police that the items were indeed his and that he was keeping it for his protection. The man operates a stall in the Mahaica Market, East Coast Demerara.

Police made the discovery acting on information received.

The police carried out a search at his home on Saturday and they found the .32 pistol with its serial number missing as well as seventeen rounds of 9MM ammunition and an additional fifty rounds of .32 ammunition.

After the woman offered the money, she was promptly arrested by a female police corporal who told her of the offence she committed.

The two are to face court this week.

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